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OX15 High Performance Scroll Air Compressor

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The OX15 Scroll Air Compressor is a unique design to maximise power savings and efficiency by using two compressor units enabling the compressor to run at 7.5kW or 15kW depending on the air demand.

With a capacity of 2.4 m3/min the OX15 delivers 58% more air than a reciprocating / piston compressor of the same size.

Unlike a piston / reciprocating compressor, the scroll air compressor is efficient whether at 50% or 100% load making it the ideal source of compressed air in today's workshops and manufacturing environments.

The microprocessor control system ensures that the compressor is able to operate at peak efficiency to meet your variable demands.

unit Description
Model   OX-15
Technology   Scroll Type
Compressor Style   Stationary
Lubrication   Oil-injected
Cooling   Air-cooled
Motor frequency Hz 50 /60
Power supply voltage V 415
Motor power kW 7.5
Motor start way   Direct Startup
displacement m3/min 2.4
Exhaust pressure Mpa 0.8
Size (long x width × high) mm 1130×695×970
weight kg 428
Noise value dB(A) 62±3

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