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Lumilife - LED Strip RGB Amplifier

Lumilife - LED Strip RGB Amplifier

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This RGB (Multicolour) Amplifier can be used in conjunction with LED Hut's RGB Controller units (SKU: RGB-RF-DIAL for the Touch Sensitive Colour Dial Controller)

The RGB Amplifier is used in instances where you may wish to control numerous RGB LED Strips collectively from one central controller.  It simply boosts the original control signal, continuing the desired light effect or colour pattern.

  • Working temperature: -20-60 ℃ 
  • Supply voltage: DC 12V
  • Output: 3 channels 
  • Connecting mode: common anode
  • External dimension: L105ΧW65ΧH25mm 
  • Net weight: 104g 
  • Static power consumption: <1 W 
  • Output current: <4 A (each channel) 
  • Output power: 12V:<144W 

Note: Despite the Central Controller being controlled via a Remote Frequency (RF) remote, be advised that in order for the RGB Amplifier(s) to work they need to be wired into your circuit and, in each instance, will also require a 12v Constant Voltage Power Supply (power capacity dependent on the LED Strip it will be powering). Please see the diagrams below which depict the wiring instructions for both a Parallel and Series Circuit:

SeriesLED Strip RGB Amplifier

ParallelLED Strip RGB Amplifier

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