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Lumilife - 9 Watt Warm White - B22 BC - High Output Standard Shape LED Bulb

Lumilife - 9 Watt Warm White - B22 BC - High Output Standard Shape LED Bulb

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9 Watt - B22 High Output Standard Shape LED Bulb

Our brightest B22 bulb

The perfect replacement for 60W traditional bulbs, this B22 offers extra-brightness with all the energy saving benefits you can expect from LED lighting.

Exactly how bright is this bulb?

Depending on the colour version, this bulb offers between 806 and 850 lumens of lights - which is considered ‘extra-bright’ in the world of LED lighting.

You can safely replace 60W bulbs without fear for loss of light, and still take advantage from a big reduction in your energy bills.

How much could I save?

Here’s a breakdown of some of the savings you can make, based on 4 hours use a day:

Where can I use this bulb?

Thanks to an extra-wide beam angle of 240°, the light from this bulb spreads further, making it a popular choice for living areas.

You also have 2 colours to choose from:

Warm White is commonly used in living rooms and bedrooms because it offers a softer, subtle light.

Cool White is often the top pick for bathrooms and kitchens, with a fresh and focused beam

Is the B22-A5 dimmable?

For a small extra-cost, you can get dimmable versions of this bulb, so you can pull the strings when setting the mood.

Just keep in mind the dimmable version of the B22-A5 has a slightly higher 10.5W power consumption.

SKU B22-A5
Lumens 850
Lumens - Warm White 806
Beam Angle 240
Power Consumption 9w
Input Power 220-240V
Size (mm) 119mm x 60mm
Wattage 9 W
Replacement For 60w
Average Life in Hrs 25000
Voltage 220-240V
Dimmable (Option) Yes
Colour Cool and Warm
Warranty 5 Year

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