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LED-Blade Exit Sign - Recessed and Surface Mount

LED-Blade Exit Sign - Recessed and Surface Mount

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The BLADE-RC is a general purpose, double-sided interior recessed mounted exit sign for use at doorway, stairways and corridors and intersection on an emergency escape route.

The LED exit sign with integral emergency 1-1/2 hour battery pack permits self-powered during power outage.


•  Recessed mount
•  Maintained operation
•  Replaceable easy fit, quick release decals
•  Complete set of running man decals
•  24M viewing distance


This range of LED exit sign provides a compact design and efficient energy saving solution.
The emergency exit sign is suited to show escape route out of a building when there is a power failure. It can be fitted in corridors, stairways, intersections.


Wattage: 2x3W
Input: 220-240V, 50Hz
Max ambient: 40C
Class: 2
Viewing distance: 24m
Mounting type: Recessed  or Surface mounted
IP Rating: IP22
Duration: 2 hours
Charger type: Trickle
Charging time: 16 Hours
Charger operation: Continuous

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