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E27 - G125 Filament - Dimmable

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The Edison-style G125 Filament is rapidly establishing itself as a classic.

Vintage LEDs provide lighting that warms you on the inside, and that looks warm too. Vintage filament bulbs provide the warmest illumination on the market, giving the same look as old energy-guzzling incandescent tungsten globes, without the power consumption and carbon emissions.

Vintage LEDs operate at a really low temperature, making them a lot safer. The old incandescents operated at temperatures up to 2800C. Ours typically don't go much above 30C, and can be touched even after hours of use. 

They are also brilliantly cheap to run: leave the G125 3W light bulb on for a year it will cost you $6.55*.

*Using a 25c/kWh electricity rate.

Product Details

Watts: 3W or 6W
Voltage: 240V
Average Hours: 15,000
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 350/480
CRI (Ra>): 82
Colour Temp: 2200K super warm color
Fitting: Standard E27 (ES) screw fitting
Diameter: 125 mm
Height: 170 mm
Dimmable: Yes with Trailing edge or Triac dimmers.
Warranty: 2 Years

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