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Flood Light Bracket H/D Eco Light Tech multi directional Flood Light Security

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The ECO Light TECH Flood Light Security Multi Directional Mounting System makes Security Lighting and Flood lighting easy!

With its robust design and multi directional capabilities, lighting up dark areas has never been easier. Its robust design and two layer protection added during production - Zinc and Powder Coating it will survive the harshest environments.

With five variations it will make it easy to light up those dark areas deterring would be break ins. Adding to security and putting your mind at ease. 

This system can be utilised both externally and internally. 

Designed for use with our 30W to 200W flood light range.

We can make to order custom lengths, Lead times apply! (4 weeks)

Comes complete with all fasteners


Factory complexes

Warehouses internal external

Public spaces

Docks Ports

Residential and Commercial Spaces

Up Lighting and Signage


Plate: 3mm steel Zinc Coated and Powder coated

Adjustable bracket 3mm Steel Zinc coated Powder coated

Post and Bracket length:

ELT-001: - Flat Single: 40x40-2mm Square Tube Lenght: 195mm Out of stock Back orders taken

ELT-002: - Flat double: 40x40-2mm Square Tube Lenght: 210mm Out of stock back orders taken

ELT003: - Inside Single corner  40x40-2mm Square Tube Lenght: 275mm 

ELT004: - Outside Single corner 40x40-2mm Square Tube Lenght: 210mm Out of stock back orders taken

ELT005: - Outside Double corner 40x40-2mm Square Tube Lenght: 210mm Out of stock back orders taken





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