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Ultra Slim LED Flood Light


Are you looking out for LED Flood Lights? Look no further!

At Eco Light LED, we carry the Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights. It is only 26mm thick and the smallest – that is available in the market.

Our Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights will easily accommodate themselves in your home or office. They will add charm and functionality to every space or room – be it residential or commercial.

We are proud to mention that the Ultra Slim LED Flood Light is:

  • A patented design
  • Will give you a high output and
  • Installation easy with a flex and plug

So, how can you benefit from installing Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights?

Energy efficient technology:

LED lights are popular because they consume less electricity. Overall, you will be saving up to 80% on your energy bills.


LED technology is well known for its durability. They can go about 10 times longer – when compared to the regular light sources such as fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent bulbs.

Lower heat emission:

When compared to the other light sources – they do not emit heat and conserve a great amount of electricity. Keeping this feature in mind, they are highly popular with cold storage warehouses.


LED lights are considered to be one of the safest lighting options. Since there is no heat emanation, it significantly eliminates the risk of electric or fire mishaps.


Tough environmental conditions and any rise in temperature – do not affect its functioning. LEDs are popular because they remain stable and functional – even in freezing conditions. One of the key reasons, they are highly favoured for cold storage rooms.

Low maintenance:

One of the key features of LED lights is its durability. Therefore, when compared to the other light sources – it eliminates the requirement – for frequent replacement of bulbs. In return, you are saving money, time and resources.

Environmentally friendly:

There is no presence of mercury and lead in LED lights. In addition, there is no harmful carbon emission. Thus, it is environmentally friendly. Many organizations around the world are switching to LED light sources to reduce their carbon footprint.When you make a switch to LED lights – you are contributing towards environmental conservation.

ECO Light LED focuses on – providing you with high quality LED lighting products. All our products are sourced from top brands across the world.In addition, to our Ultra Slim LED Flood Lights – you can browse our collection of LED Strip Light accessories, LED Ceiling Lights, and LED Panel Lights. All of it – at the tip of your fingers!

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