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LED Dimmer


Genuine Quality LED Dimmers for Smooth Flicker-Free Dimming

Enjoy smooth flicker-free dimming of your LED lights with high quality LED dimmers from Eco Light LED. Our LED dimmers are designed to efficiently lower the brightness of your LED lighting systems. You can now easily alter the intensity of your LED lights and increase their efficiency and life span. Aimed to offer controlled light output, you can use our LED dimmers to dim the brightness of your LED lights to appropriate levels for various applications. For instance, you can adjust the light and make it dimmer if you are using your LED lights during brighter hours of the day. On the contrary, during late evenings or night, you can adjust the level of brightness to get brighter light by altering the light output. You can also use our LED dimmers with our exhaustive range of LED downlights.

Fully compliant with international lighting standards

With constant developments in the lighting industry, at Eco Light LED, we ensure that our LED dimmers meet all international lighting standards and are also in complete compliance with the Australian Standards. Aimed to provide quality dimming solutions, our dimmers will help you to adjust the dimming magnitude in steady increments without any hassle. Following are some of the outstanding features of our LED dimmers:

  • Specifically designed for LED lighting systems
  • Suitable for trailing edge dimming
  • Provide a flexible dimming range with a steady increment
  • Compatible with a wide array of LED lighting systems, such as residential LED fittings, low voltage downlights andmany more
  • Patented design that is internationally approved and in complete compliance with the Australian Lighting Standards
  • Offers excess temperature protection
  • Designed to fit all standard switch plates

Apart from LED dimmers, we also offer LED panel light, LED downlight globes as well as downlight fittings online.

Still Have Queries? Call Us Right Away

To know more about the complete range of products that are compatible with our LED dimmers, you can call us on 03 9001 0223. Our professionals would be happy to help you. We also respond to queries that are posted online. In addition, we offer free shipping services on all orders above $150.