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B15 - Small BC

B15 LED Bulbs

Here at ECO Light, we’re proud to stock a wide range of Lumilife B15 LED light bulbs. A B15 bulb is a great option for any home or office because B15 LED bulbs use 90% less energy, meaning that they’re a great eco-friendly option for your home or office. B15 LED candle bulbs or any of our other B15 light bulbs are a direct replacement for any halogens you might have, so if you switch to a B15 bulb, you save.

What’s more, it really is as simple as changing a light bulb. There’s no electrician required if you change to a B15 LED bulb. With B15 bulbs available in a range of fittings, including screw caps, bayonet caps and small screw caps, we’re confident that we have a B15 light bulb for any purpose you require, commercial or domestic.