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LED vs CFL – who wins?

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LED vs CFL – who wins?

Time for the battle of the eco-bulbs. LED vs CFL. New vs old. Question is, who comes out on top?

CFL energy-saving light bulbs (the ones with the coiled shape) are now commonly viewed as new replacements for energy-sapping fluorescent bulbs of old. However, while they do use less energy than traditional lights, there is actually a better alternative out there.

LED bulbs, which are now very affordable, hold many advantages. Whether it’s money-saving potential or quality of light, LEDs win on pretty much all grounds.

Instantly on

Like halogen bulbs, LED lights turn on and hit full brightness straight away, while CFL bulbs can take up to 1 minute as they warm up.

Free of nasty chemicals

CFL bulbs, like their incandescent counterparts, contain mercury, which when inhaled by humans or animal, can be dangerous. LED bulbs are free of this toxin, making them the safer option.

Uses less energy

OK, so while CFL lights are known as ‘energy-saving’, LED bulbs are actually more so. LEDs use up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, which is a saving that hasn’t been beaten.

eco friendly

Last longer

Halogen lights last approximately 3,000 hours. CFL bulbs will give you around 10,000. However, LEDs can serve up to 50,000 hours, which is 11.4 years based on average use. They’re more durable too, because they’re not made of glass, which is always prone to breakage when switching bulbs is involved.

Better quality of light

LEDs come in a variety of colour options not available to CFL bulbs. This allows you to choose the perfect colour for different rooms and atmospheres. They can also be used in conjunction with dimmer switches, so you can create the ideal ambiance.

colour temp

Shallow, we know. And how can a bulb ‘look good’ anyways? Well, one of the common complaints of CFLs is that the coil is unsightly. LED lights have been designed to replicate traditional bulbs and you can also buy vintage-style lights with exposed filaments which is perfect for increasingly popular caged and pendant lamp shades.

Final round

LEDs outperform CFLs in every department, from quality to longevity, efficiency to aesthetics. When it comes to the battle of the energy-saving light bulbs, LEDs are lumen for lumen the best lights out there.

final round

Convinced? Then pop over to ECO Light LED and make the switch to LED today.

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