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LED Lighting V Winter Blues

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Can LED Bulbs Cure Winter Depression?


We’ve all heard of the winter blues, but what you might not know is that it can be an actual medical condition. The official name for it is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it effects thousands of people every year. This condition starts to set in as the days get shorter and darker. Today we’re looking at can LED bulbs Cure Winter Depression.

Many professionals put a large blame of SAD on lack of daylight. This is obviously more common in the winter months when the days are shorter and people spend more time indoors. When indoors, responsibility can also be placed on poor lighting, which can increase harmful hormones in our body effecting sleep. With higher levels of melatonin we sleep less causing signs of depression. Doctors have been known to prescribe light boxes in some cases to provide patients with the benefits of daylight.

One of the benefits of LED bulbs and LED lighting is the quality of light. Other eco lighting such as CFLs (sometimes known as energy saving bulbs) give off inferior light quality. LED options even have the choice of shades of light from warm white, cool white and day light. At LED Hut, we didn’t realise the potential advantages that LED lights could have when it came to SAD until we heard from Christine, one of our customers;

“For several years until last autumn I suffered from the symptoms of winter depression (AKA SAD). Eventually I realised it had begun when I changed to the older-style, fluorescent energy saving bulbs, which didn’t deliver the promised amount of light and reminded me of the dull, greenish glow of my grandmother’s gas lamps. Despite the promise of lasting for several years on every box, some bulbs had already failed and, when replaced, showed that the others had already dimmed by comparison.” 


“Last autumn I changed every lightbulb in my home to LED. All my bulbs came from LED Hut, as recommended to me. It’s so bright now in the living room that I no longer need all the lights on at the same time.”

“I’m delighted to say that I have felt so much better since they were fitted. So much so, a friend has just emailed me to say how much more cheerful I have been this winter. I have recommended LED Hut’s website to them in my reply.”

Other Factors that can help you fight the winter blues;

  • Eat well – It’s imperative that you keep a healthy and balanced diet and not give in to cravings for comfort food when it’s cold
  • Stay on the go – Exercise and active pursuits can help combat signs of depression. An added bonus is that this gets you outside and exposed to more light.

We are not professing that LED lighting will treat all symptoms of SAD, but it’s positive to see it can help people in the most unlikely ways. Switching to LED may cheer you up this winter, but it’ll also lower your lighting bills and your carbon footprint, so you’ll be going good all round.

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