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New range of LED Filament globes

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Filament-lifestyle-2-600x400 LED filament bulbs Easily replace a range of different halogen and incandescent bulbs in your home or workplace with the filament bulbs available at ECO Light LED. Designed as exact replacements for regular B15, B22, E27 and other such bulbs, each one uses a lot less energy yet delivers the same bright output. Reduce your costs and emissions with the variety of affordable filament light bulbs we have for sale, with options to suit all lighting requirements. Various bulb styles Ranging from regular shapes to an LED filament candle bulb or flame tipped models for a more decorative and traditional atmosphere, find an option to suit your home’s existing style. Install one in a pendant lampshade for a real vintage look or stick with the standard style for more contemporary homes. Different degrees of beam angles mean some will emit light to a wider area than others, making them suitable as a main bulb or in a wall light position. A range of lumens output are available with different bulbs, depending on how bright you require each room. Reduced energy consumption Every LED filament bulb acts as a direct, more energy efficient replacement for halogen and incandescent versions. For example, our 4W standard shape filament bulbs are a great option instead of 40W models and they still produce around 440 lumens. Each LED filament has a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, lasting up to around 15 years depending on usage. Many of these bulbs pay for themselves in under a year.

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