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LED, CFL, Halogen, Incandescent, The differences

Advantages of LED Lighting CFL ECO Friendly Lighting Energy Efficient Lighting halogen LED LED Lights Light Globes Lighting Information

bulbtypesukThe market is being flooded by energy efficient bulbs that promise they’d help consumers save on energy and maintenance without compromising brightness. When choosing the right energy friendly bulb, three types stand out, LEDs, CFLs, and Halogens. Below is a short article on the main difference of the three to help you choose which one to get. Light Emitting Diodes LED lights have actually been around for some time and were commonly used as light indicators for electronics, in stop lights, as well as cellphones. These days, however, they have been developed into power friendly bulbs and can be found in almost any hardware store. Also known as LED light bulbs, these are a very popular choice amongst consumers. They’re the most energy efficient and long lasting bulbs in the market. A regular 16 watt LED can replace the standard 100 watt incandescent. Instead of watts, LED lights go by lumens to tell you how bright it is. a chart is often available to help you choose the right brightness. High-Efficiency Halogen Lamps These halogen lamps are designed to give out a brighter light and consume less. High-efficiency halogen lamps also last longer than incandescent bulb, which lets you save on maintenance. The biggest benefit in using these bulbs is that they’re very bright. High-efficiency halogen lamps are ideal to use for outdoor lighting or when you want to light up a wide, open space. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs With around 20 to 30 watts, a compact florescent bulb can replace a 100 watt incandescent bulb. A CFL has roughly around 12,000 hours life span, so maintenance is a breeze. Like LED light bulbs, CFLs use a chemical reaction, instead of heating up a coil, to produce light. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are also less expensive compared to the other energy efficient bulbs in the market, so they might just fit into your budget.

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