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New range of LED Filament globes

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LED filament bulbs Easily replace a range of different halogen and incandescent bulbs in your home or workplace with the filament bulbs available at ECO Light LED. Designed as exact replacements for regular B15, B22, E27 and other such bulbs, each one uses a lot less energy yet delivers the same bright output. Reduce your costs and emissions with the variety of affordable filament light bulbs we have for sale, with options to suit all lighting requirements. Various bulb styles Ranging from regular shapes to an LED filament candle bulb or flame tipped models for a more decorative and traditional...

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LED, CFL, Halogen, Incandescent, The differences

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The market is being flooded by energy efficient bulbs that promise they’d help consumers save on energy and maintenance without compromising brightness. When choosing the right energy friendly bulb, three types stand out, LEDs, CFLs, and Halogens. Below is a short article on the main difference of the three to help you choose which one to get. Light Emitting Diodes LED lights have actually been around for some time and were commonly used as light indicators for electronics, in stop lights, as well as cellphones. These days, however, they have been developed into power friendly bulbs and can be found...

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LED Lighting for Galleries and Museums

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Art galleries and museums would know that the space’s lighting makes a big difference in making the exhibit’s stand out, as well as protect them. They can’t just use any regular light bulb since this could damage the priceless art work or relics that are being displayed. Many galleries and museums are shifting to LED bulbs because they have a number of benefit. Below are some. No excess heat Unlike conventional bulbs like incandescent bulbs, LED lights don’t produce excess heat even when you keep them on for a long time. It uses a chemical reaction to produce light, not...

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LED Globes Safety

DISPOSING OF CFL's SAFELY All fluorescent lamps and tubes contain a small amount of mercury – typically about 5mg; by comparison, an old mercury thermometer contains about 500mg. And concern has been raised over the level of mercury in CFLs. Is this a danger when a CFL breaks or comes to the end of its life and must be disposed of? There is some risk, but there’s no significant danger as long as you follow precautions when cleaning up a broken CFL. There may be longer-term problems with mercury content in landfill if dead and broken CFLs are disposed of...

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